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Wild Mama Rebirth Ceremony Sessions

Rebirth Ceremonies are born from Birth Trauma. They are for parents who have come away from the birth of their child with a heaviness in their heart. 


We are talking about a whole host of reasons for Birth Trauma. It could be negative language used in the birthing space, a sense of being out of control, a loss of autonomy, a birth plan not going to plan, Covid - 19 regulations that prevented you having the proper support from the beginning of your journey, it could be a sense of not being able to bond with  your baby, a baby needing to go to NICU, suffering from PND - it could be something else or it could be all of the above. But what I do know from personal experience is that Birth Trauma can impact every single part of your life & it is very rarely spoken about. 

Rebirth Ceremonies came about because I had two birth clients in a row whose births left them with that heaviness & I wanted to be able to help them.... just a little. Since the first two Rebirth Ceremonies the photo sessions have evolved. Each session is tailored to the individual and the child whether it include just one parent or both and whether that baby be 4 weeks, 4  months or 4 or 14 years! It will always include water in some shape or form as a symbol of life - and flowers as a symbol of joy.  Please get in touch with me to talk about Rebirth Ceremony Sessions. 

Rebirth Ceremonies are charged at cost price only to cover my time, editing and the cost of flowers. I have just signed up to a Birth Trauma course so that I can have a deeper psychological understanding of Trauma as the only experience and understanding I have is my own. Rebirth Sessions are not a substitute for therapy but they are brilliant for acknowledging the trauma, accepting the trauma and releasing the trauma as best as we can. 

"Sophie posted a beautiful Rebirth Ceremony with a newborn baby & I made a fly away comment about how I wish I had done something like that with my first baby (shame she was 4. Before I knew it Sophie & I were chatting away about all the ways it could be done no matter her age & I'm so glad that we did. 

After an unexpected, traumatic early delivery of Willow, I have held onto a lot. The process leading up to the ceremony, writing all my beliefs down and writing a letter to myself and then the day itself reading that letter back & throwing it into the ocean - had more of an effect than I could ever have imagined. 

I felt totally free of all the negative thoughts, building a mandala together was lovely & reading that letter to myself , telling myself that I am not all those things I imagine just because of Willow's birth was so powerful. I feel so much lighter since & feel very different in my relationship with Willow, more secure perhaps.

And the real bonus - gorgeous photos of me & Willow, pictures that not only  look amazing on the face of it, but pictures that when I look at them, flood back feelings of how comfortable, free and positive I felt on that day (just incase I ever forget).

Thank you Sophie, this has changed everything, for me, for us, forever". - Shelley