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International Multi Award Winning
Birth Photographer covering the South Coast
Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, West Sussex

Winner of  British Photography Award 2023 

"I'm so glad you were there, I wouldn't have wanted it any differently. I feel so passionate about birth like you so it's exciting to get the photos out there and dispel the myths. I feel so lucky to have had you there & it's so awesome to have the pictures to look at whenever I want too" - Robyn

"You photograph births? Like the actual Birth?!"


That's the most common reaction in response to me talking about Birth Photography.

Yes, yes I do. I photograph Birth!


I don't see Birth as 'just' birth.


I see it in it's entirety.


Much like a Wedding isn't just about the ceremony, it's about the preparation and celebration. Birth photography is about the story.


Sometimes when I discuss birth photography with people they say something along the lines of  "Why would I want photographs of me at my worst?" And this one gets me all fired up (in a good way!)  because this is not you at your worst, this is you at your absolute, undeniable BEST! There is a strength and beauty amongst the power and vulnerability.  It's the emotional journey of meeting this baby who you already love so much and seeing them for the first time.

It's time to change the narrative of birth. 

And Birth, no matter what opinions people may have of it, is absolutely beautiful And it is my mission to spread the word of Birth Photography on the South Coast so that birthing people know they have an option to document one of the (if not the most) important day of their life. 

  •  Can I meet you before booking you?


Absolutely! The most important part of booking a Birth Photographer is being able to feel comfortable with them and bond in a short amount of time. I normally shoot newborns and families that I have never met before and very quickly have to build a rapport and make people feel at ease in order to make the most of their 60 minute time slot so I'm pretty confident that I'm easy to get along with! We can meet, together with your partner and chat through any worries or concerns you may have. I like to meet my birth clients at least twice before being on call for them. 

  •   There are certain things I don't want photographed, is that ok? 



Once you've decided to  book with me I go through a questionnaire with you about what you want &  don't want photographed. These are YOUR pictures. Not mine. I can be positioned so that I am photographing the baby's entrance into the world or up near your shoulder witnessing baby being passed to you. 

  • What knowledge do you have about labour and delivery?


Firstly, I am a Mum of 3 children so I can empathise with you on a maternal level but when I throw myself into something I'm passionate about I like to go as far as I can!

I decided I needed to know more , so I trained to become a Doula and have now willingly become a Birth nerd! I now have a deeper physiological understanding of Birth itself, the whole process including the physical & hormonal changes and also how somebody's presence if birth photography is not done properly (which is why you need to chose your photographer carefully!), can have an impact on a person's birth space. I am there to hold space for you.  You are my first priority always. I may eventually offer Doula services further down the road but for now, it will just be of added reassurance for you that I know what I am doing whilst