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Postpartum & Motherhood Photography 


"My body doesn't define my self worth anymore. 

And what's more - my body has a story"

Janie Porter


"Postpartum is a quest back to yourself, alone in your body again. You will never be the same. You are stronger than you were"

Amethyst Joy


Becoming a mother - regardless of the journey - leaves no woman as it found her. It unravels her and rebuilds her. It cracks her open, takes her to her edges. It's both beautiful and brutal at the same time"

Nikki McCahon


Dear postpartum body...
I move because I love you.
I’m sorry for ever talking bad to you.
I accept you as you are.
I feed you things that make you feel good.
I am grateful for you every day.
I let go of shame and guilt.
I live a happy and healthy life to honour you.
I am too busy finding joy in other things to scrutinise every inch of you.

Sophie Hale


Post Partum Sessions

Celebrating you & your baby

What is a Post partum Session?

Post Partum Sessions are designed to worship you in  Motherhood & capture intimate, beautiful & raw moments between you & your baby.

Where are they held?

Sessions are held within in your own home mainly your bedroom & bathroom. I am obsessed with water so try and incorporate it into sessions whenever I can in either the bath or shower.  It symbolises to me cleansing & new beginnings.

What happens during a session?

A session involves skin to skin with your child or children as much as possible. Cuddles, kisses, holding hands, inhaling their gorgeous baby smell! Levels of nudity are within your personal comfort zone. You can wear underwear with a robe over the top, no underwear with a robe, just knickers or bare it  all. I will always hold a safe space for you.

How much does it cost?

Postpartum Sessions will be offered as an Introductory offer of £99 (instead of £155). This includes my time spent with you, a gallery of edited images for you to view and 10 images from the gallery that you can download to keep. Any sessions further than 15 miles from Christchurch, Dorset will incur a fuel charge.

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