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Education for Photographers

Hello fellow photographer or Birth worker!! Have you often thought about getting started in your Birth Photography journey but don't know how to start, nervous about what it entails?! I'm here to help with over 25 births under my belt and over 4 years worth of experience within the birth space.

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My Mentorship is perfect for those photographers thinking of venturing into Birth Photography or photographers that have just started but need a bit of guidance.  Birth Photography is a very special type of photography, not just because of its spontaneous nature but also in the fact that you need to bond with your clients in an extra special way!

Mentorship includes - 

A 30 page Ebook covering all aspects of Birth Photography including scheduling, contracts, attracting clients, technique & flash, birth scenarios and much more. 

A 2 hour Video call covering all aspects of the Ebook

Help setting business & social media goals

A Facebook group to ask questions and meet the other photographers in the mentorship.

Debrief after births.

Guidance from me for the first 6 months!

The Introductory price for this is a one off payment of £250.

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