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Robyn's Birth Story

Robyn's labour was fast & furious. This was Baby number 5 for Robyn and all of her labours had been between approximately 8 and 15 hours so I was anticipating a possible 3-4 hour labour for this one. Oh how wrong I was!

Robyn messaged me at 2:33 one morning saying "I think my waters have broken, a bit of pain but it's not constant but I think labour has started" Normal guidance to my clients is to then message me when they're off to the hospital & then once they have been examined by the midwife and I will aim to get there during established labour OR when they can no longer talk through the contractions I replied with something similar to the above but got up out of bed and started to get dressed just in case.

25 minutes after the first text came another. "Going in now, I'll message you but think it maybe quick" My next text was - "Have the contractions ramped up?" "Yes" came the reply. Trusting my clients instincts I told her I was leaving that minute to travel the 45 minutes to Salisbury Hospital. At 3:44 I got one more text saying "9.5cm practically ready to pop out" Baby Rufus was born 20 minutes later! Much, MUCH quicker than any of us anticipated!

Beautiful Rufus,photographed at an hour old, like a little old soul in a young body taking in his surroundings calmly & serenely. "I'm so glad you were there, I wouldn't have wanted it any differently. I feel so passionate about it like you so it's exciting to get the pics out there and dispel the myths of birth. I feel so lucky to have had you & it's so awesome to have the pictures to look at whenever i want too" - Robyn

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